Have a book or product you would like me or one of the Bees to review?  Please keep these few points in mind.

** Reviews can be submitted for one or more than one person's opinion.  All writers for the Hive are available for reviews based on their own schedules.  If you would like more than one person to review the book, please ask in the email.**
  1. I must be able to state my own opinion of product or book/ebook, whether it is good or bad.  Keeping in mind even when I post a bad review I always find something good about the book or product too.
  2.  Book reviews: please give me a review copy/ARC in Kindle (.mobi) format.
  3. I reserve the right to turn down a review for any reason(s).
  4. I scheduled reviews based on the season/amount of extra time I have.  Please do not be offended if I turn you down.
  5. I will not accept reviews with racial, overly sexual or religious content.  These topics are just too controversial.
I am open to the following types of reviews:
  • Books - Traditionally published, Indie published, ARC and beta
  • Dog and Cat products - treats, collars, harnesses, leashes, food, supplements, grooming products/tools, and toys. No cages, shock collars, disciplinary products or pain inducing products.
  • Games and Movies
  • Beauty and skin care products
  • Food products