Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Germ Land

Mom's sick. Still. I think she's just wallowing in her own germs now.  Luckily I'm too cute to get sick.  I'm also the best cuddler around, so I don't know why she isn't getting better yet.  Maybe if I share my toys with her...hhmm...
Seriously guys.. someone wave a magic wand so I'm not sick anymore. Going on three weeks now.  Finally got stronger meds so hope it allll goes away.  Yosuke is trying to help by sneaking off with any tissues he can find.  I've been trying to train him to throw them away instead of trying to eat them but that's not getting anywhere. lol  Oh... I have a double ear infection and a sinus infection.  Who in the world still gets ear infections at the age of 24?!  I haven't had one since I was 3.  Ugh.  Happy Germ Land!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dog Food Donation

We won a Facebook contest through our Vet (Banfield Pet Hospital) about two months ago.  The prizes are a twelve month supply of Royal Canin dog food and twelve month wellness plan (vet care) for free. Yep. Best. Prize. Ever.

We started receiving the 10lb bags of food last month.  We have a 10.3 pound mini dachshund who maybe goes through a five pound bag a month.  Now before anyone starts thinking we under feed him, we definitely don't.  He's even a little fat right now according to the vet (by 3-6 ounces now).

10 pounds x 12 bags = 120 pounds of Dachshund 128 formula Royal Canin food

I am now trying to find a rescue, foster home or shelter that is Dachshund specific here in Ohio to give the food to.  I also want to hand deliver the food if possible.  Any thoughts?  I've searched Google to find a few but they all seemed shady.

Happy Food Day!

The Ridiculous Death of DragonToo

Well guys... I did it again.  I killed a Dragon.  Yep, you read that right.. DragonToo has died.

This time I had DragonToo for about three years, which is a long time!  Dragon (the original) only lived to be one year old.  Sad right?  I was so distraught when I killed Dragon.

I guess I used DragonToo too often.  I took DT everywhere with me - the mall, my apartment, the store, vacations, class (back when I still did that.. hehe)... anywhere I went and could hid DT inside a purse, it went too.

I stocked DT with the all my favs plus a few (hundred) others.

I will miss the adventures we had, all the places we went and the characters we met.  Your pretty carrying case with navy flowers on it.  Your lovely black color.  Your crisp screen and multi-tasking ability.  You were the perfect Kindle.

RIP DragonToo!  You will be greatly missed (and I'll keep reading on my laptop until the next "great" Kindle comes along).

Did I confuse you?  hehe!  Happy Reading!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's day everyone!  This is also the one year anniversary of when I lost my first dachshund to a terrible disease.  Hug your fur friends tight!  Read his full story here.  Grab tissues if you do.
Cazic, 10 weeks old

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stay warm friends! Have a wonderful Valentine's week!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Shoe Favs

Hey guys!  I'm going to test out a new mini series.  I'm going to detail some of my favorite shoes, products, games, shows, movies, people or food every month.  This month, since it's (almost, hopefully, probably not) the end of Winter, lets talk about SHOES!  I can't include pics for copyright reasons, but click the links for images.

Steve Madden Lynet - I fell in love with these gorgeous Steve Madden boots the minute I saw them!  They are a light stone color with gold hardware and a purple zipper.  They match everything!!  Gorgeous boots.

Herringbone Fleece Lined Cordonnes - My fav TOMS of all time.  I've killed these and really want another pair.  The Cordonne style is much more comfortable than the classics.  I wear mine without the laces.  I've gotten SO many compliments when I wear these.  Simple, comfortable, warm, fuzzy and adorable!

Black Suede Desert Wedges - The most amazing and comfortable wedges ever!!!! I just picked up the chocolate suede as well because I loved these so much.  This is the third pair of desert wedges I've had, second pair of black suede.  They are an extremely versatile style - skirts, jeans, dress pants... they look amazing no matter what!

Black and White Polka Dot Ballet Flats - The cutest pair of ballet flats ever.  These flats are super comfortable.  They take some time to break in, do not size down like you normally do with TOMS.  I love that the elastic fits perfectly to my foot.  The pattern is very cute - dots aren't too big.  They clean up easily and look great even as they get older.

Natural Hemp Polka Dot Classics - I love polka dots, especially on shoes!!  These classics look super cute with solid tops, sweaters, and jeans.  The cream colored hemp was a perfect background for the black dots.  I can't wait to get another pair of polka dot shoes!

Happy Favs Day!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What is in a name...?

The many names of a cute and adored Dachshund:
Pupsy Wupsy
Flupsy Wuppakins
Fluff Monster
Super cute and cuddly fluff ball
Cutie Patootie (the vet's choice)
Mini Golden One (vet tech's choice)

Look at this face.  How can you not love it!?
Happy Nickname Day!

Monday, February 3, 2014

HW negative and cuddles!

Today was only the fifth visit to the vet in the last 10 months.  Yosuke gets very nervous at the vet, but not scared.  All of the people, new smells and other dogs throws him off.  We're working on a new command - watch - to help.

Our little wupsy (new nickname.. I like it!) is still heart worm (HW) negative.  yayayay!!!

They of course had to draw blood for the test and he did so well!  Didn't flinch, yelp or anything.  The vet tech said that all he did was lick her face. haha!  Yosuke: The nurse with the sharp needle gave me some banana goo without mom's permission... it's not my fault I'm so cute and people give me things!  Plus she said I was a perfect little guy, which of course deserves a treat!

Our new Banfield vet is awesome - Dr. Miller.  She was very informative and patient.  Yosuke: She kept calling me cutie patootie and all the other peeps who smelled new wouldn't stop petting me.  The other dogs were totally jealous.  Ha!  I'm always the favorite.

We left with only a couple tokens - banana flavored dewormer (thankfully the last round he needs from his puppy-hood), the smell of about five women's perfume or lotion, and some info on an ophthalmologist.  Dr. Miller found tiny itty bitty eye lashes that are on the inside of his eyelid.  The ophthalmologist can freeze these tiny hairs and remove them.  We're going to look into it more.  Curious to see how long it lasts and costs.  Anyone have experience with this?

We got to test out "watch" at the counter when we were checking in/out and setting our next appointment.  Yosuke: There were SO many smells! It was so hard, but I was good.  He did a good job for his first time out with the new training.  He did try to sniff a couple other dogs, but when I said "watch!!" he stopped instantly and paid attention to me.  I am so happy!  This trip was much easier.

Cuddle time after the vet visit.
Yosuke: It was such a hard day! I deserve extra cuddles.
Happy Cuddle Day!

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