Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dog Food Donation

We won a Facebook contest through our Vet (Banfield Pet Hospital) about two months ago.  The prizes are a twelve month supply of Royal Canin dog food and twelve month wellness plan (vet care) for free. Yep. Best. Prize. Ever.

We started receiving the 10lb bags of food last month.  We have a 10.3 pound mini dachshund who maybe goes through a five pound bag a month.  Now before anyone starts thinking we under feed him, we definitely don't.  He's even a little fat right now according to the vet (by 3-6 ounces now).

10 pounds x 12 bags = 120 pounds of Dachshund 128 formula Royal Canin food

I am now trying to find a rescue, foster home or shelter that is Dachshund specific here in Ohio to give the food to.  I also want to hand deliver the food if possible.  Any thoughts?  I've searched Google to find a few but they all seemed shady.

Happy Food Day!

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