Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Ridiculous Death of DragonToo

Well guys... I did it again.  I killed a Dragon.  Yep, you read that right.. DragonToo has died.

This time I had DragonToo for about three years, which is a long time!  Dragon (the original) only lived to be one year old.  Sad right?  I was so distraught when I killed Dragon.

I guess I used DragonToo too often.  I took DT everywhere with me - the mall, my apartment, the store, vacations, class (back when I still did that.. hehe)... anywhere I went and could hid DT inside a purse, it went too.

I stocked DT with the all my favs plus a few (hundred) others.

I will miss the adventures we had, all the places we went and the characters we met.  Your pretty carrying case with navy flowers on it.  Your lovely black color.  Your crisp screen and multi-tasking ability.  You were the perfect Kindle.

RIP DragonToo!  You will be greatly missed (and I'll keep reading on my laptop until the next "great" Kindle comes along).

Did I confuse you?  hehe!  Happy Reading!

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