Friday, June 28, 2013

Construction Zone and Welcome! :D

WELCOME to Hily's Beehive.  Take a look around.  Don't mind my mess and constant changes.  Let me know in an email (no comment section yet for a reason) what you think of the site so far.  I'm loving it!  If you see something that looks terrible, tell me.  I have a wide screen laptop, so let me know if something looks just hideous on your screen.

A couple things you might want to know...

Yes, that is the HilyBee on the header.  How could I get rid of it?

My nickname will still be HilyBee even though I named this Hily's Beehive.  Yay! for word-play!

I am seeking "mini-Bees" if anyone wants to write with me on here.  I know I won't be able to do this alone year round.

Yes, all my Novel d'Tales content is still active and readable.  I will have a link back to my original site eventually.

No, I'm not planning to write more poetry.

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