Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yosuke's Review: Shampoo!

Soft and cuddly fur is a must for my little pupsey..  I'm a little crazy obsessive and neurotic about his fur ... I love how soft his fur is naturally but love to keep it that way too.  He's so light and creamy colored that he gets dirty so fast.  It just means a bath every week.  Which of course pupsey just LOVES.  heh.  Not.
Anyways, our current fav shampoo is Nature's Miracle Gently Puppy shampoo.  We have the 32oz bottle right now.

Clean your pooch with this puppy shampoo. The mild formula won't cause tears, and cleans and moisturizes your puppy's skin and coat. The shampoo rinses easily and leaves your puppy smelling fresh and clean.

Wash your pooch with puppy love with this NATURE'S MIRACLE Gentle Puppy Shampoo. Featuring a mild, tearless formula, the shampoo gently cleans and moisturizes your puppy's skin and coat. The Easy Rinse ODOR CLEAN System destroys odors and rinses easily to help reduce bath time. The long-lasting scent will leave your puppy smelling fresh and clean.

Our thoughts...

Love this shampoo!  It's very effective - always cleans super deep getting all of the dirt off, smells so good (like sunflowers!), rinses off super quick but lathers really well.  I know little Yosuke likes it too because bath time is much faster!  We have been using this product for years, on all of our puppies and kitties.  The price hasn't changed over the last 5 years either, which is always good!  Don't be fooled by the "puppy" label - works great on adult dogs too!  We purchase the 32oz bottle at PetSmart for only 11.99!

We give this pet shampoo 5 stars!

Happy Review Day!

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