Monday, November 18, 2013

Combat Boots!!!

As many of you know, I sell shoes for Tradehome Shoes.  Right now is my favorite time of year, boot weather!!  This is the best time of the year to have cute shoes that can be personalized so easily.  The easiest boots to customize are combat boots.  Since the Hunger Games movies made this style so popular this year, combat boots are the style to have.  You don't want to look like everyone else right?  So here are several different ways to wear your combat boots all using just one boot.

Boot Pictured: Madden Girl Gavin in Cognac

Option 1: Full Lace

This style is ideal for skirts, shorter pants, long legs or as an edgier style.  It looks great on people with big calves (make them look smaller).  Add some tall patterned socks for a more feminine style or a bit of extra color.
Option 2: Half Lace with zipper up

This style looks great on everyone!  It's a little more casual.

Option 3: Half Lace with zipper down

This style looks great on people with wide calves.  It allows the boot to be slouchy and relaxed.  Definitely a casual style.

Option 4: Half Lace with tongue down

This style looks great with taller socks.  I recommend getting a sock that compliments both your boots and your outfit.  The boot pictured looks incredible with Wigwam Cream Cable Knit socks.

Option 5: Rolled sides with tongue down

This looks cute with knee length full dresses or skirts too!  Show off your legs with this style.  This style draws the emphasis down to your feet making your legs look longer and leaner.  Add some slouchy cable knit socks to complete the look.

Option 6: Ribbon Laces
(Not Pictured) Grab a thin satin ribbon that matches your boots, cut to the same length as the laces the boot came with.  Trim the edges to a V shape for easy use.  With a lighter (be extremely careful!! get someone to help you!) burn the edge of the ribbon a teeny bit.  I mean a teensy weensy bit, about 2-5 seconds is all it takes.  This will seal the end of the ribbon so it does not fray.  Use just like regular laces, but now you have a very cute, feminine and unique pair of boots!

If your boot is having trouble rolling down, try this technique to "train" the leather to stay.  Once you get the leather broken in, you can tie it without the extra wrap.  Ignore the background music/sound.  When I recorded this the children outside my store were screaming.  I'd just mute the video. hehe.

I hope this helps!  Enjoy creating your custom style with this gorgeous boot or something similar.  These ideas will work on most combat boots that are mid-calf height.  For more pictures of the boots and tying methods, go to my Photobucket.  Happy Tying!


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