Friday, March 7, 2014

Cinnamon for Dogs?!

So little Squeak was recently exposed to a few dogs that had kennel cough.  Kennel cough is just a dog's version of the common cold, but it puffs up their throat causing them to cough all the time.  Yosuke started coughing a little a few days after the exposure - maybe two or three times a day, so I wasn't worried.  Just in case, I looked up the symptoms, progression of the virus, etc.  I found out that left un-treated this virus can cause long term damage to the esophagus.  O.o

I didn't want that to happen, especially after losing our first doxie to a really nasty disease.  So I looked up home remedies to prevent the virus from getting worse.  The most common/recommended remedy were anti-viral spices and oils.  The best example?  Cinnamon!
I started adding about a 1/4tsp of ground cinnamon to Yosuke's food, then softened his food with hot water so he was getting every tiny bit of it.  (He only gets 1/4c of food twice a day.  Yes, that is all he needs to maintain his 10# of weight - I'm not starving him!)

And guess what!?  He hasn't coughed for three days AND he has more energy!

Another added bonus... he smells like cinnamon.  Which is my favorite spice.  yay!

So... if your dog is coughing (consult your vet first) try out some cinnamon with their food!  Happy Friday!

Oh... for the book review I was supposed to put up today, hang in there! It's coming!

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