Wednesday, April 23, 2014

{Book Review} The List of Five: A Beginning

Author: J Scott Sharp
Rating: 5 stars!!!!!

My FAV psychological thriller series by far!  Jason just released the prequel in the series and it was just as amazing as the first book.  If you haven't heard of the series, check out reviews (including mine) for volume 1 here.  I was given the honor of working with Jason on the series before vol. 1 was released.  He asked me for help again with the prequel and it is another success!  Both are free on Amazon too!  You can't pass up a free ebook that is this amazing.  PLEASE read them and let him know what you think in a review too.

Book Blurb:

When Delvin Lyon wakes up with a list of five names in his head, threatening to tear his brain apart, he believes that he may be still morning the death of his brother. 

It isn't until he meets a strange couple in town and he is invited to their strange carnival, that he begins to believe that the list exists for a much more sinister reason. 

Now, Delvin may have to fight for everything he cares about because The List of Five cold very well be the end of his life and the lives of his family 

Please Note: The List of Five: The Beginning is a prequel to The List of Five and is meant for a mature audience.

My Review:
I was given the honor of beta-reading both the prequel and vol. 1 for the List of Five.  I can't believe how it's grown already!  This prequel was perfect for the series.  Sharp seamlessly linked together vol. 1 with the prequel - which I've found is hard to do.  I'm so excited about this series!  Every time Sharp says the next installment is almost done, I get antsy to read it.  Psychological thrillers are his forte and it shows with his creative and rich story.  This prequel is the perfect introduction to vol. 1.  It gives you just enough detail to make you crave more, but not so much that the story has been given away.  I highly recommend reading this prequel before AND after reading vol. 1.  There are so many details in vol. 1 the prequel enhances.  Check it out!  You won't regret it.

Jason - another hit!! Keep them coming!! Happy Review Day everyone!

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