Tuesday, August 12, 2014

World Elephant Day!!!!

Today is World Elephant Day - my favorite *holiday* of the entire year.  Elephants are by far my favorite non-domestic animal (although I love all animals).  To celebrate today.. here are my favorite elephant pics!

The gorgeous Willy form the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Cleveland, OH. My little sister took this one!

It was dinner time at the Cleveland Zoo when we too this one. Female #1.

Such a gorgeous elephant. The second female at the Cleveland Zoo.

Female #1 again. She's more of a taupe instead of grey. Love it!

Scotty! This was taken at his first birthday party in Cleveland. He was so tiny!

Elephant sculpture at the Cleveland zoo. They had several, but this was my fav.

Last but not least, the pink elephant cake I made for my 20th birthday.  This was take right after I finished, so the cake *fleas* weren't removed yet. haha! Not too bad for only 1 batch of frosting, 2 - 8in cake rounds and some black food gel!

Now, go hug an elephant!!
Happy World Elephant Day!

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