Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Introducing the Mini-Bees!

As most of you know, I work in retail.  Since this is such a demanding job during certain times of the year, I have found a few minions writers to help out.  I have dubbed them.... The Mini-Bees.  (Mini of course being short for minions.  Muahahahaha!)  I'm here to introduce you to my three Mini-Bees today!  They are a great group of people and I know you will love them!

Zach - our second Mini-Bee to be added; Zach will be writing about everything gaming, anime, television, movie and entertainment related.  He loves to quote all of these things and is choked full of information.  I can't wait for you to get to know him!

Jason - our first ever Mini-Bee; Jason took over during my time away from Novel d'Tales last month.  He did such an incredible job that I plan to keep him around.  Jason is an author, blogger, has a wonderful loving family and works for university.

Ella - the newest edition to my hive; She will be writing posts, reviews and fun other posts throughout the year.  Ella writes for several other blogs as well as her own.  She is full of writing ideas and will truly bring some new ideas to the site.  Read Ella's first post as a Mini-Bee!

Now we need to come up with clever nicknames for each of them... hmm... AND a fun little "Mini-Bee" symbol too! Challenge Accepted!

Each Mini-Bee will post throughout the year at random.  I will still do the majority of the posting, so don't worry!!  You're still going to hear enough from me.  heh.  If you too would like to be considered for joining my Mini-Bee team, send me an email!  Happy Mini-Bee Day!


  1. Now I just am dying to know what my clever nickname is going to be....or bee...

  2. I bet you are! ;) They're gonna be good!


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