Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yosuke Sunday: Cat Toys!?

Our dog's favorite toys are cat toys.  Not just any cat toys, but a purple mouse and a "fish" shaped fish.  He LOVES them.  He carries them around all the time, sleeps with them, plays with them... it's hilarious!  I fear the day I come home to torn up cat toys...

The picture above is the closest I could find to his toy.  Granted, his does not have ears or eyes (I removed them so he couldn't choke) and it's obviously larger than pictured... and purple.

They had cat-nip (had, because I removed it) in them too.  I think he likes cat toys simply because our cat does.  And he worships our cat.  If she does it, he will consider it.  When we first allowed them to play without supervision, he immediately started playing with her feather stick, jingle bell ball and catnip toys.  I guess he decided pretty early on he was a cat, not a dog. heh.

Don't get me wrong, he still loves his actual dog toys - braided rope, squeak ball, stuffed bear, non-stuffed fox, and various other toys.  He just seems to like the cat toys more.  Our vet said they are safe, as long as we remove the cat-nip and make sure he can't swallow them.

So, my friends... do your pets have a weird favorite toy?  Oh! The cat totally takes revenge on the dog and plays with his toys sometimes too when he won't give her toys back.  haha!  Happy Sunday!

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