Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yosuke's Review Day: Pet Shoppe Sweet Potato Chicken Wraps

I picked up some new treats for Yosuke the other week.  He loves dehydrated sweet potato so I thought, why not? Oven baked sweet potato chicken wrap sticks should be a hit!  I've been trying to only feed him single ingredient treats as much as possible.  He has to maintain his gorgeous figure somehow right?
These treats are by Pet Shoppe, a brand I found at Walgreens (I know, I know... not a "pet supplies" store).  The treats have three ingredients: sweet potato, chicken and vegetable glycerin.  Sweet potato is very good for dogs.  Sweet potatoes are high in fiber (always good to uh.. keep things moving), good for teeth in place of raw hyde, high in amino acids and antioxidants.  Basically, these little potatoes taste good and are good for your pup in moderation.  Chicken is a great source of protein for dogs, which is just plain good all around for dogs.  Vegetable Glycerin is a sweetener and preservative (sad to see these had it but at least its very little) used in many sources of food.  It's not good in large doses, because it does have some caloric value, but is better than pure sugar for animals.

Basically these treats are designed to be semi-sweet, with health values added.  What's not to like?

Yosuke's Review:
Mom brought home these new things she wanted me to eat and they were not good.  I pretended like I liked them by barking and bouncing like normal, but really they weren't good at all.  The treats are supposed to be chewy, but really they're just hard!  HilyBee: Uhhmm.. yeah... the packaging kind of tore wrong when I opened it so it won't reseal.  Guess that's my fault!  Oops!

Anyways, these smelly treats taste so good but make me so mad!  All I do is wander around with it because I have no idea what to do with it!  The only thing its good for is teasing Sera (my BFF cat friend whom I torcher love to pieces).  She thinks they smell good too.  Smells are important you know.. but the smell has to lead to something yummy.  These are not yummy.  They are super hard to eat too.  For a chewer like me, that's not fair!  I love chewies and killing stuffties, but these just aren't fun to gnaw on.  They break off in huge pieces causing me to spit them out and eat the pieces.
Ignore Mom's man hands.
Chewy size: Too small for even my tiny cuteness!
Taste: Meh... just okay.
Smell: Super smelly, but not annoying to the humans

Pros - Wheat, soy and corn free; two healthy ingredients (chicken and sweet potato); super smelly but not annoying; oven baked; low in calories and fat

Cons -  Very awkward shape (long rectangles that don't cut up well for smaller bites); Not easy to chew; Harden easily if you don't keep tightly sealed; vegetable glycerin is the third ingredient; makes Yosuke whine and whine and whine!; looks like something my cat would throw up

I'd give them 2 out of 4 paws up for having two natural ingredients.  We won't be eating these anymore or buying them again.

Any recommendations for better chewies that are all natural?  I'm tired of Mom's horrible and boring homemade treats.  There's only so much peanut butter and rice cereal I can stand!

Happy Review Day!

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