Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bee Fun

heh. Bee fun?  What...not funny? (sigh) oookkkayyy...

I found a ton of amazing HoneyBee jewelry on Etsy.  I think I need all of them.  Click on any of the pictures or shop name to visit the page for each item.

These gorgeous earrings are so simple yet very unique.  I love how it looks like the bee is flying!  Made by LeChaim - an adorable Etsy shop I've always loved.

In fact, LeChaim also made this gorgeous bee pendant with amber colored Topaz.  If you didn't know, Topaz is my birthstone.  Amber Topaz is my favorite of all Topaz.  HoneyBee+Amber Topaz = perfect necklace.  Not to mention they match the earrings perfectly.  (By design I bet... but I like to think it was just a coincidence.)

 What's that? A bee locket?!  From LeChaim shop!? YES PLEASE!!  I absolutely love the blue-ish antique coloring.  It makes the bee stand out against the gorgeous gold.  The detail is amazing - the wing sections, the feelers, stripes, feet... so cool!
This ring made by fifthheaven is so teeny and tiny and cute and amazing!  And silver.  Most bee jewelry is gold - which makes sense - but I like silver jewelry more than gold.
So cute and teeny tiny!!!

SimplyChic93 made this stunning bangle.  It's the honey bee hive cells!  Such a unique take on bee jewelry - geeky, chic, and gorgeous.  This would be a great date night or wedding accessory.

Adding any of these pieces to your collection?  Happy Bee Day!!

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