Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Ebook RAVE! - The Li5t of Five!

GUYS!  You have to check out the newest ebook on Amazon called "The Li5t of Five."  My dear friend Jason (J.Scott Sharp), you know him as one of the mini-bees, has written a mystery/thriller story of epic proportions.  I was given the privilege of beta-reading, and love how far the book has come.  Please, check it out!
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FIVE BAZILLION STARS for this title!
The title just became available for purchase on September 29!

Book Blurb:
Young teen Richie Lyons is having an uneventful summer, playing games with his friends. He even has a birthday on the way. However, his uneventful life is shattered when he wakes up, on the morning of his thirteenth birthday, with a list of names pounding through his brain. A list that contains the names of those he cares about most. As if that wasn’t enough, he keeps having a recurring waking dream of a fire that is threatening to take the life of his mom and sister.

Richie must fight to understand this recurring list and the visions he is having. Are they prophetic, foretelling an actual occurrence, or a waking nightmare threatening his sanity? In addition, what does the list have to do with the newest local ministry and the strange pastor who came to Richie’s door?
The more Richie discovers, the less he understands.

When Richie finally begins to understand, it may be too late for himself and everyone else that he cares about. (end)

This book is well worth your time and $1.99 (great price!!).  I highly recommend it to people who want a mystery/thriller/suspense novel that keeps you guessing until the VERY last page.  I never truly figured it out until the very last page.  It's gripping, incredible and keeps your attention for the entire book.  I'm not the only one who thinks that either.  Mini-bee Zach also read it and LOVED it.  He's not much of a reader, but moved very quickly through this book.  Other book bloggers, a book club and the other beta-readers just loved it too.  Seriously, if you buy one book this year... buy this one!!!  Happy New Title Rave Day!

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