Saturday, May 31, 2014

DIY: Jean Shorts and Dog Toys!

For the first time in a (very) long time I have two days off in a row. Without asking for them. Without plans. Without procrastinating on something.  And I didn't know what to do with myself.  All I kept thinking was..."What do "normal" people DO with this much time!?!"

And that's when I got crafty!

After surfing DIYs on Pinterest for way longer than I'd like to admit, I got out my sewing stuff and made some shorts!  I turned two pair of old jeans into shorts for the summer.

So, I took the two pair of old jeans (don't know how these two pair of jeans survived my clothing purge,but glad they did!) and refashioned them based on these instructions.  I found Sarah's tips very very helpful, especially cutting at a slight angle so the back isn't too short.  She gave very specific instructions on how she measure's her ideal short length too!!

The light wash pair ended up being a smidge tight in the thigh (fitted jeans), so after searching Pinterest for a few cute ideas to make them comfier, I settled on this one.

I cut a V in the side of the shorts, added the insert and voila! I then rolled up the edge a little, because I didn't like the "perfect cut" line on the bottom.  yay! Perfect and cute!

I then decided to clean out my sewing kit.  The kit has a very large bottom to keep fabric scraps in.  I had an old (sadly shrunken) cream wool cardigan in there.  Yosuke stole it, started playing with it and would not give it back.  He looked as if his long lost friend had returned!

Since he wouldn't give it back without whining, I decided to make him a rope toy.  I cut the back of the sweater into five 1 inch strips.  I then braided all five pieces together (thank you baking classes for teaching me a 5 piece braid!) and secured the ends with a few stitches and a knot.

He loves it! He has been playing with it for about an hour now.  yay!  He is a serious chewer though, so this is going to be a "treat" toy. :)

Because I had all of the materials on hand, these projects were completely free.  Even better!  The braided rope will definitely be something I make more often.  I like to go to thrift stores to find cheap jeans to cut up each year.  Since it's summer time, jeans are usually mega cheap at Plato's Closet!

I love being crafty, and with my new job I have the time to!  yay!!  Happy DIY day!

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