Monday, June 2, 2014

DIY: Blackened Key Pendant

Yes. More DIY! You can thank Pinterest. heh.

So, this time I went through all of my jewelry.  I found every single earring, broken gem, tarnished pendants, etc. that I had and found what I wanted to refurbish - my very first key pendant.  I LOVE keys, especially as a necklace.  I have oodles of them, but want more!  This super simple project gave me a brand-new key to show off. yay!

I forgot to take before pictures, but this is roughly what it looked like.  It was quite tarnished from over-wearing a very inexpensive pendant.
Photo on Etsy
I took some fine sandpaper I had from my old pastillage work (sugar) and roughed up the key a bit more.  I tried to take off any remaining silver paint and make the surface ready for paint.  I then took some black acrylic paint (from my sugar work) and added two coats of the paint, letting it dry between coats and making sure I got in between all the swirlies.

I let it sit overnight just to ensure the paint was completely dry.  In the morning, I painted the key with my gel-finish top coat nail polish (from Forever 21, it was only $2!). And voila!  My "blackened" key is all done!

Looks so much better in person. This pic is miserable!
 I love the final product.  I was going to add some gems, and still might later, but I loved the final look as is.  Colored keys are so unique and look lovely!  This makes my second colored key - the other being a Kingdom Hearts key with a red top.  I definitely think more colored keys are in my future. Maybe I'll turn some modern keys into something more ornate... hmm...

Happy DIY week!

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