Thursday, October 3, 2013

Coconut Oil Days 3-5 and Final Thoughts

Welcome back!  During the last three days, I simply continued to use the coconut oil in the same way.  If you haven't read Day 1+2 yet, check it out!  Below are my results for days 3-5 and my final thoughts.

Day 3:
I used the oil as a face, leg and arm lotion.  It took a while to soak in and my legs dried out severely within a few hours.  My skin was so dry and looked like I've never used lotion in my life!  Not sure if I over-applied the oil or if my skin really was just that dry that day.  We'll try again tomorrow.

I also used it to remove my makeup again.  I've noticed a huge difference in my eyelashes.  They are softer and less weighed down.  They hold a curl better and just in general look better.  I definitely love this oil for a makeup remover!  After I remove the makeup, I apply a tiny bit to my eye area as an eye cream.  I've also noticed in just three days a big difference.  My eyes don't look as tired or puffy after applying.  Great use!

Day 4:
Applied all over again as a lotion.  Today was a bit better as I applied less of the oil.  My skin needed more lotion at the end of the day, not after just a few hours, but that is probably because I was inside with the heat on all day.

Used as a makeup remover and eye cream again.  Still love these uses.  I also applied a tiny bit to the ends of my hair at night to see if overnight it would soak in okay.  I'm hoping it will hydrate the ends of my hair a bit more.

Day 5:
Used as a lotion again, but only on my face and hands.  I don't think I like it for my legs too much.  It doesn't soak into my skin fast enough.

Used as a makeup remover and eye cream again.  Definitely my fav use for the oil.  The oil I applied in my hair last night did help.  It felt so soft in the morning and didn't look greasy.  I think instead of the intense hair mask, I'll use a tiny bit on my hair at night just for a quick hydration.

Final Thoughts:
5 Stars!!!
The Viva Labs Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil is great!  I really enjoyed testing the oil for so many different uses to find what worked best for me.  I absolutely love using this oil as an eye cream, makeup remover and face moisturizer.  My face looks and feels incredible!  I also enjoyed using it as a night-time hair "serum."  I apply a small amount to the bottom 1/3 of my hair and wash it in the morning.  It feels so soft, silky and looks shiny.  The oil does a great job for hair masks, but was simply too much for my hair to handle.  I highly recommend trying out this coconut oil as part of your beauty/skin care routine.  This should be an essential oil every girl has in her cabinet! This inexpensive oil is taking Amazon by storm!  Grab a jar before they run out!  Happy Review Day!

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