Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Many Uses for Coconut Oil: Day 1+2

I was contacted by a representative from Viva Labs.  They carry/make extra-virgin coconut oil on Amazon.  They asked if I would like to review their product for Amazon, and I said yes!  I've decided to try out a bunch of different uses for the oil to see what works best.

There are SO many uses for coconut oil - beauty/skin care, health supplements, cooking and baking.  I've chosen a few (all beauty/skin care related) to test out.  Here are my first results.

It comes in a little plastic container (15 fl oz) and is solid.  However, it melts at a very low temperature (76*F) so it really isn't solid for long.  It smells incredible - like toasted coconut shavings.  I love the smell and taste of coconut!  So relaxing and yummy. (insert giant happy face)

Day 1:

First, I applied the mask per the directions - enough to make my hair look wet/greasy from roots to ends on dry hair.  While the mask was soaking in, I used the oil as a shaving cream.  This I was super skeptical of.  I first tested it on a small section of my leg to see if it hurt or turned red.  Nothing, so on to my full legs.  I applied it in small sections then shaved.  It worked really well actually!  I lightly rinsed off my legs afterwards then rubbed the oil into my skin.  It was actually faster than my normal routine too.  No razor burn, no red bumps, no burning, no itching.. all good!  Think I'll start using this weekly as a replacement for my shaving cream.

After 40 minutes, I washed out the oil (two washes with my regular TRESemme shampoo).   Results? OIL SLICK!  I don't think my hair was ready for that much moisture.  After it dried completely my hair looked and felt greasy the rest of the night.

Day 2:

I washed my hair two times again this morning, felt "dry" in the shower.  Not oily anymore.  So I put a tiny bit of conditioner on the ends of my hair like always and rinsed.  My hair looked incredible! Super shiny and soft.  I think I simply over applied the oil when I used it.  Next time, I'll use less.  I definitely won't use this treatment very often.

I also tested the oil out as an eye cream and makeup remover today.  BEST idea EVER!  These were definitely my favorite uses so far.  As an eye cream - it was light weight, soaked in well and made my eye area feel super soft.  At night, I used it to remove my Maybelline The Rocket waterproof mascara.  This mascara in waterproof is extremely difficult to remove and I have never been successful (with any product I've tried) removing it fully the first time.  Guess what!?  The oil took it off perfectly!  I gently massaged the oil on my lashes then used a damp cotton pad to wipe it off.  It hydrated my lashes and took off all the makeup.

What I recommend so far:
Definitely use it as a lotion/moisturizer, eye cream and makeup remover.  This is going to be my new "holy grail" product for those uses.  My skin is incredibly soft AND feels better.  If you have very dry hair, use this as a mask.  It will be great for the harsh Winter months.

So far I really like this product!  This is the first coconut oil I've used, but it is very good.  Other reviewers had the same results (many used other brands first).  One of the best things about this oil?  It's 100% organic, inexpensive and has an incredible amount of uses.  I'm very impressed!  Happy Coconut Days!

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