Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Swords, Magic and Giants!

I've been addicted to the game Skylanders since it came out.  I've been collecting the characters and absolutely love beating the game.  I've played the first game several times through (five, I think...) and now the second one (Skylanders Giants) three times.

BUT!!! It's official!! I have ALL of the characters from BOTH games!!  My Mom surprised me with the final character I was missing, and never thought I would find.

My new favorite character.  
A magic, purple, knife wielding giant!  
A genie.  


Ooo... Scary, but sooo pretty!!!

She's the best Giant in my opinion.  I love playing this character.  Then again, if I can have elements or magic in some way... I'm a happy person!  Is anyone else still addicted to this game?  Happy Gaming!

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